At Rise Psychology a range of assessment tools and methods are offered. The nature of assessment provided will depend on the presenting needs and context – assessment will be tailored to your individual situation. The methods of assessment offered are always discussed with you in advance to the work being undertaken.

Below are examples of assessment methods that may be used:

  • Observations (structured and unstructured) e.g. in an educational setting or home
  • Psychometric testing e.g. cognitive testing
  • Achievement testing e.g. reading, writing and number work
  • Interviews e.g. structured diagnostic based interviews for Autism or less structured interviews to explore perceptions and thought processes
  • Emotional Literacy or Mental Health based assessments e.g. standardised tests for anxiety, depression or behaviour difficulties
  • Dynamic Assessment e.g. to find out how best to support a persons learning
  • Play Based Assessments e.g. for children in their early years
  • Assessment through intervention e.g. monitoring a persons response to an intervention

If you would like to explore assessment options in more detail, or wish to access assessment for a particular child/young person or group of children/young people, feel free to contact Rise Psychology.