Parents and Carers

If you are a parent or carer who:

  • has concerns about your child’s development;
  • wants your child’s needs or skills assessed further;
  • feel stuck about how best to support your child at home;
  • or need some support with the special needs process, then Rise Psychology can address your needs.

I work with parents and carers who are seeking support around their child/young persons learning and/or social, emotional and behavioural development. For example, I support parents/carers who have children with difficulties in the areas of: social and communication (e.g. Autism Spectrum Conditions); mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression or trauma), behaviour (e.g. ADHD or challenging behaviours); and learning (e.g. Dyslexia or cognitive impairment).

I consider parents and carers to be key experts about their children. With my expertise as a Psychologist, we can work together to find solutions that help make positive changes for your child or young person. The types of work that I carry out include:

  • Consultation with you about your child/young person
  • Assessments directly with your child/young person, and feedback
  • Direct intervention with your child/young person
  • Training and support to enable you to implement strategies with your child/young person
  • Support with educational based meetings and SEN related processes

I have extensive experience of working with parents, adoptive parents, foster carers and therapeutic care workers. I meet with parents/carers at their homes, at their child/young persons educational setting or at an alternative agreed venue.

I always consult with parents/carers initially to identify the nature of support that is needed. My Involvement can include me working solely with you, the parent/carer, or it can include me collaborating with other professionals involved with you and your child/young person. For further information regarding services that I provide please refer to the Services page. I offer educational and child psychology services predominantly to the Shropshire and Midlands areas.

I am an approachable and supportive psychologist who would welcome a discussion with you about how best to support you and your child/young person. Feel free to use the contact page.