Research and Development

At Rise Psychology support is offered at a whole organisation level. For example you may want support to fulfil a mental health agenda, to develop a behaviour system, to design a PSHE curriculum or to measure the effectiveness of an intervention. A wealth of research skills and experience is offered, including auditing, evaluating, analysing and interpreting data. Examples of projects carried out include:

  • Setting up and evaluating the use of a ‘Quiet Place’ within a school department
  • Supporting a school to become an ‘Emotionally Healthy School’, through providing multi level support
  • Designing and embedding a framework to support ‘Emotional Based School Refusal’ within an organisation
  • Supporting a cluster of schools (through training and supervision) to implement an intervention based on ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’
  • Evaluating the impact of a social skills group delivered by a cluster of schools
  • Implementing and evaluating innovative methods of working in order to address positive mental health in a cluster of schools
  • Supporting a school to design and implement a whole school development plan around emotional well-being

If you have a research project in mind, or an idea, curriculum or department within your school that you wish to develop, feel free to contact Rise Psychology in order to find out how you could be supported.