A range of services are offered at Rise Psychology to meet your schools need. You may be wanting support:

  • to facilitate the development of an individual pupil;
  • to provide assessment and intervention to a group of pupils;
  • to enhance the knowledge and skills of staff;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of a programme;
  • or to drive a whole school initiative forward.

Having expert Psychological input in such scenarios can be invaluable.

At Rise Psychology the need for positive outcomes and value for money is recognised. With this in mind services are offered both to individual schools and to multi-academy trusts, where the cost of input can be shared between schools. In addition, services can be requested on a one off basis or on a more regular basis, and can be charged at an annual, termly, daily, half daily, or hourly rate. I aim to provide competitive rates. A planning meeting can be arranged to help decide on the type of work required and how your psychology needs can be met.

I evaluate the work that I do: evaluations demonstrate that those that I work with feel more empowered and skilled following our work together and that they value what I do. More importantly evaluations show that the work I do results in positive outcomes for the children and young people involved.

For further information regarding services provided please refer to the Services page. I deliver educational and child psychology services predominantly to the Shropshire and Midlands areas. Please also feel free to make contact in order to discuss how I can meet your schools needs.