At Rise Psychology training is offered as ‘twilight’ sessions or as part of whole training days/INSET. Training packages can be designed on a bespoke basis, to meet your individual needs. There are also a range of pre-existing training packages that can be delivered. A wide range of training topics are covered, some of which are listed below:

Mental Health Awareness
Anger Management
Complex Trauma
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Autism Spectrum Conditions
Underlying Causes of Behaviour
Child Development
Assessment Tools
Developing an Emotionally Literate School
Solution Focussed Intervention
Cognitive Behavioural Intervention
Mentoring Skills
Precision Teaching
Attachment in the Classroom
Social and Emotional Aspects Of Learning
Early Years Assessment
Literacy Development
Child Sexual Exploitation

Training delivered by Rise Psychology aims to develop staff and/or parent/carer knowledge, kills and competences, which in turn impacts on their quality first teaching, targetted interventions and management of children and young people’s needs. The ultimate aim of training provided by Rise Psychology is to achieve positive outcomes for children and young people. Training evaluations demonstrate that trainees rate the training provided by Rise Psychology highly, in terms of its content, delivery and effectiveness in supporting children and young people.

Follow up support is offered to help embed skills and interventions into practice so that the impact of training is meaningful in practice and sustained over time. This may take the form of individual or group supervision, observations and feedback, or modelling/demonstrating. For further information please use the contact page.